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Monday, 7 January 2008

Kids with Cancer Foundation Gives Children with Cancer at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, over $2.9 Million Reasons to Smile

Kids with Cancer Foundation, a Platinum Sunshine Partner of Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, has reached over $2.9Million in support of the Centre for Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders (CCCandBD) at Sydney Children’s Hospital and the many patients it cares for.

Kids with Cancer Foundation’s support began almost a decade ago and have enabled CCCandBD to excel, achieving benchmarks in the treatment of childhood cancer. Thanks to the commitment and dedication, the Kids with Cancer Foundation has provided financial support for the Sydney Cord and Marrow Transplant Facility and the refurbishment of a new Medical Day Only Ward.

This year, the Kids with Cancer Foundation have contributed $344,196 to fund five staff positions at the Hospital’s CCCandBD. These important staff roles include a Clinical Nurse Consultant, a Behavioural Sciences Researcher, a Data Manager, a Pharmacist and a Social Worker.

From humble beginnings, the Kids with Cancer Foundation commenced in December 1997 with the mission to provide funding for childhood cancer sufferers, their families and institutions that assist children with cancer. Through selling $2 raffle tickets to win a car in shopping centres in NSW, Victoria and the ACT, the Kids with Cancer Foundation has had a major impact on childhood cancer treatment and services.

“The five staff positions that Kids with Cancer Foundation supports are vital roles and each contribute greatly to our team of dedicated and motivated professionals at CCCandBD. The generosity of Kids with Cancer Foundation enables skilled people to work together to strive to achieve our goal of curing 100% of childhood cancers and reducing the long term effects and side effects,” said Professor Glenn Marshall, Director of Centre for Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders at Sydney Children’s Hospital.

Peter Bodman, Executive Director, Kids with Cancer Foundation said, “Kids with Cancer Foundation is honoured to be able to support the crucial work of staff who treat and care for children with cancer at Sydney Children’s Hospital. The large amount money we have been able to donate to CCCandBD is due to all our supporters in the community who buy a $2 raffle ticket. Together, we play our part in helping these remarkable and brave young patients.”

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