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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Hospital Explorer Box: Innovative resource taking the Hospital to the bush

Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick recently launched an interactive resource titled Hospital Explorer Box, which aims to educate students about the Hospital, playing safely and keeping healthy.

Targeted at five to seven year-old students and closely aligned with the school syllabus, this resource has all the elements of the Hospital’s popular Hospital Explorer excursion program - neatly packed into a colourful, A3 sized box.

'The excursion program has been successfully running for more than eight years with approximately 1200 students attending from across metropolitan Sydney every year,' said Monica Cook, Schools Project Officer, SCH.

'The program allows students to take an excursion to the Hospital, where they can visit various hospital departments and meet doctors, nurses and allied health staff.'

'One of the drawbacks of our excursion program is that you can't reach every child, and children from further afield are missing out.'

'We hope that through the development of this resource, we are able to reach and educate more children about the Hospital and the importance of healthy living, in a fun and interactive way.'

The new Hospital Explorer Box is a play and learn resource kit which allows students to explore the Hospital in their own classrooms, by playing with equipment like stethoscopes and gowns, and participating in other fun activities.

The kit takes children on an adventure with Vicky, a young girl who falls off her scooter and is taken to hospital for treatment. The resource is divided into 10 lesson plans, all with their own games, worksheets and hospital play equipment, to assist with learning along the way.

'In addition to hands on learning about staying healthy, the resource can help reduce the anxiety associated with hospitalisation and may help students to better understand and support classmates suffering from chronic illnesses like diabetes.' added Ms Cook.

The Hospital Explorer Box resource has been developed thanks to the support of the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation. It can be purchased by schools wishing to use it as part of their stage one syllabus and is specifically targeted to those schools unable to attend the Hospital Explorer excursion program.

To purchase the Hospital Explorer Box, please call 02 9382 0871.

For Further Information Contact:

Jessica Jaramillo, Public Affairs Manager Tel: 9382 3571 - Mob: 0404 001 722

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